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What interior design projects do we carry out?

Interior design projects for homes: we create an environment adapted to you so that the space where you live is where you recover and enjoy the time with your family, partner or alone.

Interior design projects for offices: we get functional spaces that transmit the essence of the company and respond to ergonomic, acoustic, climatic and lighting needs so that employees work more at ease.

Interior design projects for Retail and Contract: we create spaces designed so that the client has a unique and memorable experience, which encourages him to repeat and recommend your business to friends and acquaintances.


A good interior design must convey emotions

The interior design project can be defined as the creation of spaces and includes everything that is part of the place. But there is a lot of work behind this brief definition. During the project, we study the best options for your needs and we propose:

  • Colours and textures
  • Materials
  • Facilities
  • Lighting systems
  • Domotics


And everything you need to ensure that your home, office or business premises transmit exactly the emotions we wanted to evoke.

What do our interior design projects include?

Initial visit: we visit the property to take measurements (or verify) and take pictures of it. This visit includes a briefing to know the needs and preferences of the client and define if it is a timeless or trend project.

  • Plane current state bounded.
  • Up to 3 proposal of distribution of the different rooms.
  • Study and definition of all the elements of the interior design project.
  • 3D infographics.
  • Plans, elevations and sections of the different rooms.

The term of an interior design project is 17 working days from the initial visit.




Our commitment to sustainability

In each of the interior design projects that we carry out, we look for materials that are as sustainable as possible and with equal price, we give preference to them. At the same time, as we know that (even if we want to) we cannot work with 100% pollution-free materials, we actively participate with the reforestation of the forests with our own planting of trees in the flat of Lleida with the intention of contributing to curb climate change.


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