Corporate Offices in Mataró

Integral project of interior design and decoration of the corporate offices of a company in Mataró

Reform of offices in Mataró

The objective of the project is to reflect the new corporate image and expand the site by integrating an adjoining location. In addition, it is necessary to have a larger reception and a new meeting room. To do this, we define the distribution of space from three main axes. At its main intersection point is on the reception area and in the secondary zone on the printings zone. Perimeter, we find the wardrobes and storage cabinets, the management offices and the meeting room.

The space must transmit solidity, truthfulness and sobriety and it does so by means of a design with a pattern of straight lines from which all the details are developed. We use earthy colours, natural wood, aluminium in its original silver colour and vegetation. In addition, we add points of light that give prominence to the new areas. To enjoy as much natural light as possible without the use of curtains, we apply a solar protection to the glass that reduces the glare inside and increases the external reflection, contributing to reduce the energy demand.



Custom designed furniture

Natural Wood

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