Corporate Offices in Ripollet

Integral project of interior design and decoration of an office in Ripollet

Open-space offices with small offices for each worker

In these offices we had to improve the functionality of the space, the comfort of the people, emphasizing the acoustics and implementing the new corporate image of the company. The distribution of the space is defined from some main axes whose point of intersection is the point of meeting of the workers, "the square", and a zone of sofas. 2 central glass tanks allow isolation for meetings or private calls. In the perimeters are the closets, the offices of direction and the rooms of projects, to take advantage of the natural light.

An indirect perimeter light generates comfort, the chestnut wood of the furniture brings warmth, the blue sofas visible from all points help to concentrate and the elements of corporate red colour add dynamism. The use of carpet and acoustic ceiling allows to mitigate the noise generated by the use of space.



Efficient Domotics


Initial budget variance

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