Beach Terrace in Tamariu

Interior design and decoration of a terrace located on the Costa Brava

Small multi-use beach terrace in Tamariu

How do we convert a laundry patio into a terrace to make exterior life? Inspired by the typical Mediterranean terraces, we provide a living and dining area, a large counter to prepare meals and a relaxation area. All this, with clear and breathable exterior coatings and the inclusion of custom outdoor furniture.

The handmade sofa, with built-in indirect led lighting and USB connectors, is transformed into a planter that is integrated into the wall and then converted into a counter and shelves of the same material. The removable coverings of neutral colours are confused with natural elements of the landscape and the sand coloured ceramic floor evokes the sand of the beach. The covering material of wicker allows the passage of air and ceramic lattices also facilitate ventilation, while allowing natural lighting and provide privacy.

Custom designed furniture


Initial budget variance



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