Why choose Mosaic Interiorisme?

Mosaic Interiorisme is an interior design studio formed by a young and open-minded team. In our projects we take advantage of the singularities of the space, we take into account the tastes of our customers and bring our differential touch, always keeping in mind the improvement of the quality of the habitat.

Healthy interior design

European regulations define that radiation, natural or electromagnetic, affects health to one degree or another depending on the amount of exposure. For that reason, we think it is important to ask ourselves, do I live in a healthy or sick house?

Living in a healthy home is not something minor. In Mosaic, in addition to creating a functional and efficient design for each space, we can carry out a healthy home study that allows us to get healthy homes, stores or offices.

We design according to the needs of the client and organize the elements of each stay creating efficient and healthy spaces while avoiding the creation of toxins in the habitat. New technologies, such as home automation, are increasingly necessary and make it much easier on a daily basis, but it is very important to know how and where to use it to take advantage of all its benefits, preventing our house from becoming a sick building.


Sustainable interior design

At Mosaic, we are specialized in the design of sustainable interiors and the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings, on the one hand, through sustainable construction management and, on the other, using sustainable materials and products. Properly managing the construction we achieve that it is a sustainable construction, in which the waste is reduced in the construction chain and in which the waste generated is managed correctly minimizing the environmental impact. We think it is important to work with the selection of recyclable materials and the use of wood from sustainable forestry origins and to avoid polluting elements as much as possible.

Spaces for the 5 senses

What is it that makes a space really different and unique? A good interior design project is the one that thinks and studies the space to adequately stimulate the 5 senses. Therefore, in Mosaic we study with an initial briefing the needs and preferences of our clients for each space and based on that briefing, we define the materials, the colours, the textures and the other elements so that our 5 senses get in tune with the required function for each space.

In an interior design project it is very important to work well with the materials. We are passionate about working with natural woods and noble materials well combined with textures, lighting, temperature, smells and music. In addition, the use of home automation allows us to create spaces with different functions and different stimuli based on what our client needs both at home and in an office and another type of business. There are many elements that must be combined successfully to create spaces that make a difference!


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