Our commitment to sustainability

We know that although we would like our activity to be different, it uses natural resources and, in addition, some pollutants are generated in its transformation. By working responsibly in each of our projects and actively participating in a personal tree planting project, we want to contribute to the regeneration of the planet in order to curb climate change. Trees are the best natural technology for this!

We work thinking about the future

The high concentrations of gases in the atmosphere, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), are causing the rise in the temperature of the atmosphere, also called the greenhouse effect or global warming. Trees and plants absorb CO2 from the air, fix it in the soil and biomass and expel oxygen out. 50% of the biomass of a tree is carbon that remains stored, acting as a natural deposit of carbon, unless the tree decomposes or burns. The large existing forests in the world are powerful "carbon sinks", we believe that they should be reforested and let alone contribute to the regeneration of ecosystems and the planet. The flora of the planet contributes in balancing the water cycle, essential to cool the climate again.

Mosaic Interiorisme:

  • We work with manufacturers that guarantee the use of natural wood from renewable and sustainable forestry chain of custody.
  • The partners of Mosaic interiorisme participate in a personal project consisting of planting trees locally for later use in cabinetmaking, furniture, making objects, etc., and actively collaborate in helping to curb climate change.


We plant to contribute our grain of sand

What is our personal project?

Our personal project consists of the local planting of 430 Paulownias.

We believe that local tree planting enhances the local economy.

The wood of the trees is a material of renewable origin, sustainable for its possibility of reuse, healthy, among many other properties.

Fast growing trees like Paulownia we believe are very good for use as coatings, furniture and joinery in general for many reasons:

  • Absorb a lot of CO2 due to its rapid growth.
  • Once cut, if the roots are respected, they can grow back and the used ones can be recycled, closing the circle of the circular economy.
  • We consider bamboo to be very expensive due to its handling, unlike Paulownia, which is much cheaper due to its easy handling.
  • The Paulownia has a wood of excellent properties: density similar to balsa wood with twice the strength; Very easy to work; Great resistance to moisture and putrefaction; Easy drying and great dimensional stability; Very high point of ignition.


In 2019 we are participating in a personal project of local planting of 430 paulownias for use in furniture, coatings, objects, etc.
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