Interior design, a passion

Laia Janot, creative director and founding partner of Mosaic, started making her first interior design projects before being aware of it. A passion that over time has only grown and has led to create Mosaic, a study of interior design and decoration that, as the name suggests, creates projects with their own stamp from separate elements, as in a mosaic.

Very small, even at school, Laia Janot designing some murals to decorate the school in the appointed feasts. I enjoyed when people stood in front of the mural and laughing commented on it. Over the years his passion made him acquire great skill and love for painting and drawing, made several paintings, and became one of his favourite hobbies.

However, with his great artistic ability, he decided to study the career of technical architecture, as if it were a personal challenge. Once finished, she updated her training in building engineering and specialized in a master's degree in integral construction management and post-graduate rehabilitation. To continue giving meaning to his vocation he specialized in interior design, something that allows him to combine his passion with his technical knowledge.

The technical profile and aesthetics and creative vision of Laia quickly opened the doors to different offices Interior design and project after project, was acquiring its style and forging their own vision. This natural evolution led her to create her own interior design studio: Mosaic.

The Mosaic brand, which evokes a mosaic, represents the definition of our work: creating compositions of separate, different elements, of different colours, textures and finishes to join them in a specific way to create a work with its own stamp, a personalized mosaic for each customer!

However, this is not all. Creativity, aesthetics and technicality are not enough to create the ideal space, a space must also be healthy. Therefore, creating healthy spaces and houses is part of our DNA.

The challenge of Mosaic Interiorisme is to create unique and healthy spaces for people. Spaces that add, that regenerate, that create an experience and that do not leave anyone indifferent


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